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SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: The men who made a killing out of swine flue while we wasted £1bn and were exposed to harmful drugs | Mail Online

Posted in welfare state by Aussie on February 18, 2010

SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: The men who made a killing out of swine flue while we wasted £1bn and were exposed to harmful drugs | Mail Online

Is there a good reason to feel conned? When it comes to the swine flu pandemic then I have to say yes. From the outset I felt my BS meter ticking over very rapidly. The predictions did not eventuate even though in Australia, like in Britain and the USA there were in fact very few recorded deaths.

The thing is that with the Welfare State, Govt feels obliged to “do something” which is translated to mean that taxpayer money was being spent upon vaccinations as well as Tamiflu as a means of dealing with the virus. In the U.K. the government spent more than $1 billion in relation to the swine flu “pandemic”. The pharma companies are laughing all the way to the bank thanks to this form of panic and unnecessary purchasing.

I think what is worse, is that the govt also set up “help lines” that were staffed by people who were clueless in terms of medical situations. It led to a lot of misdiagnoses. The girl in the picture is one extreme tale where she had flu like symptoms and her doctor told her to call the help line. An untrained person said she had the symptoms for swine flu, her mother obtained the Tamiflu and the girl had an allergic reaction to the drug.

In a country that is running such a very huge deficit, arranging for free vaccinations for the populace only adds to the budgetary deficit. It was not necessary, and in my view it is further evidence of the irresponsibility that seems to go hand in hand with the welfare state.

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  2. charlesrowley said, on February 18, 2010 at 6:00 pm

    With normal annual flu shots, customers are charged for the vaccination, at least in the US. In the case of Swine flu no charge was made. Even at zero prices most individuals have not sought the vaccination. Government officials made an enormous miscalculation. Yet, so far, no one has resigned, no one has been fired for this gross misuse of taxpayers’ monies. It is not the fault of private companies that senior government officials, presidents and prime ministers are stupid.

  3. ozzieaussie said, on February 18, 2010 at 7:34 pm

    I agree. The irresponsible Prime Ministers, and Presidents did react in a very stupid way.

    The fact is that each new influenza strain is considered to be the pandemic. The hype starts in the papers and then it gets out of control.

    Here in Canberra we did have a problem with identified swine flu. It closed down one class at a local school (actually not too local to where I live but on the same side of Canberra). There was at least one death – in that case the man had other complications that might have precipitated the death.

    There has been nothing like the Spanish Flu pandemic, yet every winter season the cry begins about a coming pandemic. We had it with the Bird Flu, and I cannot remember how many other strains. I think the reality is that most of us already carry a portion of the strain in our bodies. We can get the flu and get over it after about a week. Others are not so fortunate.

    In the case that I illustrated here, the girl had an allergic reaction to Tamiflu which should never have been prescribed in the first place. The call centres, staffed by people ill-equipped to handle medical issues highlights one of the many reasons why state health services are a bad idea.

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