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Future Shock – what US citizens can expect when the health system fails

Posted in unemployment, United Kingdom, welfare state by Aussie on March 27, 2010

Hospital wards to shut in secret NHS cuts – Telegraph

It is no secret that the NHS in Great Britain is in a very disastrous if not perilous conditions. With an increase in the number of immigrants who are sucking at the government teat, and with an ever increasing aging population, the NHS is showing the strain and is beginning to collapse. According to the Telegraph, the Brown Government has secret plans to close hospitals and to shed thousands of jobs across the United Kingdom. Well, how’s that British Socialism working out Mr. Brown?

According to the Telegraph, the secret plan is to cut the health budget by at least $20billion and this will be achieved by closing hospitals, sacking staff and scrapping those hip replacements. It would seem that if such a plan was implemented that it is the elderly who will bear the brunt of these cuts. The Telegraph reported:

“In Wednesday’s Budget, Alistair Darling, the Chancellor, repeated that the £20 billion would come through “efficiency savings” and not key services.

Documents produced by several of the SHAs show how the cuts are, in fact, expected to fall on hospital services.

In the South East Coast region, which covers Surrey, Kent and Sussex, up to £1.6 billion must be saved.

A document marked “restricted” and circulated among SHA board members suggests 10,000 of the region’s 100,000 NHS workers may lose their jobs. “The new financial environment demands that the trend in workforce growth must be reversed,” it said, adding bosses must reduce employee numbers by 10 per cent “or further”.

The document said staffing in the acute sector, covering hospitals, “can be expected to decline faster and further” than elsewhere.

Job losses will be “starting in the coming year”, it states. Mr Brown has repeatedly promised Labour will not start making significant cuts to public spending until 2011. A spokesman for the South East Coast SHA said the document was a discussion paper and not a final plan.”

When one sees a story like this regarding the NHS, one has to wonder how this could happen in the first place. Is it a matter of mismanagement? Is it because people are constantly running to their GP for the slightest thing? Is it caused by new technology? Or maybe it is because of the high level of immigrants within a certain immigrant population that eschews having productive employment so that they will be able to help bring down the economy of the U.K. in order to force a revolution from within, and then introduce sharia law.

If the government in the U.K. requires what looks like really harsh measures then the country is screwed. The present government is not able to cope with the demands that are being placed upon the welfare system. Of course, one possible solution to the problem would be to enforce stricter immigration laws. The U.K. can do without immigrants that have no intention to work because they want to suck off the government welfare teat. It is time that the U.K. government actually began to turn off the welfare benefits to the immigrant population. This is an action that needs to be taken against all immigration populations rather than singling out a class of immigrants.

There is no real excuse for allowing the budget deficit to get so far out of hand. It is because of PC attitudes that the British government has failed to act in order to weed out the welfare cheats, or those who manage to live off welfare without ever having contributed to the U.K. economy. It is as if the exponential growth in the U.K. immigration has been hand-in-hand with the growth in demand upon school and health services. Perhaps a case could be made for people being asked to pay more towards health and education in Great Britain, yet I can imagine the stink that would be created by those same welfare moochers.

The unchecked growth in the welfare state in the United Kingdom is definitely cause for concern. If the U.K. goes ahead with such deep cuts then the growth in umemployment could push the U.K. economy over the edge. As it is the U.K. will spemd a long time getting over the spendthrift policies of both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

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