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Greece – IMF to the rescue

Posted in European Union, Greece by Aussie on April 24, 2010

Greece has not been able to save itself from needing to call for a loan to get out of its economic mess. This week Greece called on the IMF for a loan.  The BBC reports:

Greece has formally asked for the activation of an EU-IMF financial rescue package to help pull the debt-ridden economy out of its crisis.

It had hoped that just the promise of EU support, agreed last month, would have been be enough to reassure markets and help its recovery.

But Greece’s problems have continued to hit investor confidence in the euro and other European economies.

Eurozone countries will now provide tens of billions of euros in loans.

In the meantime the selfish Greek anarchists have once again taken to the streets in violent clashes against the austerity measures that need to be put in place in order to fix the Greek economy. It would seem that these selfish individuals seem to think that they can continue indefinitely with the present state of affairs, but they are wrong…. so very wrong.


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