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Posted in France, Islamist welfare cheats, welfare state by Aussie on April 25, 2010

I have written before about the welfare cheats in the UK, especially those cheats from a certain theocratic religion. However, I have only hinted at the type of welfare cheating that exists, which I might add also happens in Australia, and not always by that same group.

One story that is being highlighted recently is a case in France where a woman has been fined for wearing the burka when driving a car. The French are becoming very strict about this kind of thing whilst the British have adopted a more dhimmi attitude (how shameful). By adopting this dhimmi attitude the British have become guilty of enabling welfare cheats to flourish. How does this work, and what has this got to do with the burka woman driving a car?

Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs received the following from one of her French readers:

Bonjour Pamela et amis ,en effet cette affaire relance plus fort encore le débat sur la burka chez nous! Nicolas Sarkosy a dit vouloir une loi sur la burka totale et les français approuvent!(nous n’oublions pas que Barak Obama a déclaré à ce sujet chez nous ,que les gens doivent etre libres de s’habiller comme ils veulent)mais ,Nicolas Sarkosy ne sera pas le toutou de Barak 0bama .De plus ,après enquète sur cette femme voilée , il s’est avéré qu’elle fait partie des 4 femmes qui ont 12 enfants de son mari ,algérien naturalisé par mariage, et qui fait parti d’un groupe islamique radical ! Ils ont fraudés en déclarant qu’elles étaient “méres isolées” pour toucher plus d’allocations ! donc le mari va etre poursuivi pour escroqueries ,bigamies, et Mr Hortefeux a demandé qu’il soit déchu de sa nationalité Française,j’espère que cela sera , cela va faire grand bruit ! Ces gens là nous empoisonnent notre vie ,et il ne faut surtout pas faire preuve de faibles se avec eux ! c’est une gangrène qu’il faut vite éradiquer sinon le monde entier sera perdu !

From French reader Kate (google translation):

Hello Pamela and friends, in fact the case even stronger stimulus debate on the burka with us! Nicolas Sarkozy said he wanted a law on the burka and the French Total approve! (We must not forget that Barack Obama has said about it here, that people should be free to dress as they want) but, Nicolas Sarkozy will not be the dog of Barack 0bama. In addition, after investigating the veiled woman, it turned out it was one of four women who have 12 children of her husband, Algerian naturalized by marriage, which is part a radical Islamic group! They have defrauded them by saying they were “single mothers” to reach more benefits! So the husband will be prosecuted for fraud, bigamy, and Mr Hortefeux asked whether stripped of his French nationality, I hope it will, it will make some noise! Those people we poison our lives and it is important not to show low be with them! is a gangrene that must be quickly eradicated if the world will be lost!

Islamization Watch: (hat tip the Winds of Jihad)The incident has now reached ministerial level.

On Friday, the Interior Minister requested the Immigration Minister look into revoking the French nationality of the driver’s husband as information he possessed showed the man was a polygamist married to four women with 12 children.

“Each of these women benefit from single parent benefits and … each one wears the full veil,” Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux said in the letter seen by Reuters, adding he had asked the local authorities to look into possible benefit fraud.

“I would appreciate it, should these factors prove true, if you could study whether this individual could be stripped of the French nationality,” Hortefeux said, addressing Immigration Minister Eric Besson.

According to the woman’s Algerian-born husband acquired French nationality in 1999.

This is a situation that is widespread and is not just confined to France, the UK or even Australia and it is not necessarily confined to the one group of people either. The situation is this: In Islam it is ok to have up to 4 wives (maybe even more than 4). When these people emigrate they become aware of the fact that polygamy is not acceptable. In fact in the USA polygamy amongst Mormons is also not acceptable and generally polygamy has been outlawed. These people know that polygamy is not acceptable and therefore, in order to keep their wives and multitude of children, the women pretend to be single mothers. The man does not live with the 4 women together, but sets them up in separate living arrangements. In this way the women have been collecting welfare for their children. By doing this these families are creating a strain upon the public purse.

No government can continue to sustain this form of welfare cheating. This is the kind of situation that causes governments to have high budget deficits that are not sustainable in the long term. In the particular case that is cited here, the women had an Algerian husband who had been naturalized as a French citizen in 1999.

My question here is: How many in the UK, France and Spain have families in this situation? How many of these families are exploiting the welfare benefits like what was happening in this case.

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  1. Valencia Garnder said, on April 26, 2010 at 9:58 am

    Hey, great blog…I haven’t figured out how to add your site in my rss reader but I will soon 🙂

  2. french reader said, on May 7, 2010 at 9:44 pm

    got the link from hillbuzz.
    interesting comments from far away. Living in france and being a french national, i would say that above situation is regular with muslims and quite accepted by social welfare agents who prefer not to notice! there is NO control whatsoever on these people, out of suicidal pc, even the official statitics down play the cheatings, because it has gotten TOO FAR, the government has not enough power any more to step back; really, the situation is so rotten that our government is AFRAID.
    Another detail about Greece, i heard on tv that greek civil servants, in addition to all their bonuses, also get paid 17 months for a year work !

    • ozzieaussie said, on May 10, 2010 at 2:49 pm

      Sarkozy needs to be bolder in dealing with the problem in France. The story that I highlighted was an interesting one. I am well aware of the burqa ban and I think it is a really good thing. I have seen a few women wearing burqas here in Canberra. It should not be allowed. I can deal with the hijab but not the burqa, and it is because it conceals the identity of the person that I am against the wearing of that thing… and on top of that I believe that the wearing of the burqa is indeed a form of slavery. Women should be making speaking out against it.. but no the left go along with the wearing of this garb….

      In this particular case though, the woman was caught and her husband was caught, because she was driving in the burqa.

      I should add here that we had a case in Australia where a Muslima, wearing that garb was involved in a deadly go-kart accident because of her flowing garments. These girls need to be aware of the dangers of wearing that clothing if they go to amusement areas. The operators will just have to ban them from using the amusement rides because their garb is not safe!!

    • ozzieaussie said, on May 10, 2010 at 2:56 pm

      thanks for the great comments by the way. I had not heard about the Greek workers getting paid for at least 17 months worth of work, but had heard that some were getting paid for doing no work.

      This happens here in Australia… by the NSW railways who were paying workers to turn up and sit on their bums all day because they could not be sacked, or made redundant. This is an area of waste and the problem seems to be that they have given in to too many union demands that have been unreasonable.

      I can understand why they give in… it is the harm done by the strikes when the bastards do not get their own way.

      Here is what I believe: certain conditions are essential eg. the requirement to provide a safe work environment. For railway workers, especially linesmen that means ensuring that they are protected when they are working on the lines so that the men do not end up being hit by the trains, just like what happened to my great-grandfather. There is also a requirement that if workers are injured at work, or on the way to work, then they should be covered by workers’ compensation, but by an amount that is reasonable. My great-grandfather was killed by a train prior to workers’ compensation existing and his widow was left to care for 12 children (well some were adult so it was not quite that bad). Other than these essentials workers should receive a wage that is commensurate with the type of work that they do e.g. a gate-keeper would get a much lower level of pay than an engine driver because of the skill levels that are required. If there are no increases in efficiency then there should be no increases in wages, in other words if the trains do not arrive on time, then no extra pay!!

  3. YTZ4Me said, on May 8, 2010 at 1:55 am

    This is also happening in Toronto, and the authorities are turning a blind eye.
    Another reason while the size in government in general must be radically slashed.
    I once saw a particularly crude bumper sticker which encapsulated the sentiment succinctly:

    “You Breed ‘Em, You Feed ‘Em”

  4. ozzieaussie said, on May 10, 2010 at 2:43 pm


    that is a very interesting point. Yes, I can imagine that this is happening in Toronto, and I suspect that it is happening in Montreal as well.

    We have had the same thing happening in Australia, and usually in Brisbane Queensland. Sometimes it is not Muslims but whites, usually a man who has set up his own sect and who then has as many women as he wants. I have heard of a few cases where the man has had several “wives” and they claim welfare. I have also heard of cases where it has been a Muslim with his 4 wives, and he plants them in various spots, so that they are appear to be single mothers.

    I agree that something needs to be done. I think a first step is to charge these people with welfare cheating… and I do not give a rats if it is a Muslim or some other weirdo. If they are setting themselves up with more than one wife, then claiming welfare then they are welfare cheats.

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