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Anarchy rules at Athens University

Posted in Greece by Aussie on May 10, 2010

Better to die from a bullet than working: That is the mantra of pampered, lazy Greek rioters used to living off the state | Mail Online

The reporter’s taxi driver, a man by the name of Vasilis is a wise man compared to the lack of wisdom of most Greek workers and anarchist students. The reporter is confronted by signage in the room occupied by the anarchists at the university and one in particular catches his eye: “It is better to die from a bullet than working”. It is the mantra of the lazy Greek rioters who prefer living off the state than taking care of themselves in the proper way.  The taxi driver does not find the sign to be funny and he tells the reporter that this sign is at the heart of the whole crisis in Greece… and he is correct.

Greece is a country that “is not working hard enough and suffers from a bloated, money devouring state and a mentality that the state owes them a living.”

Vasilis who works 12 hours a day earns around $860 per month, is angry, not just at the government but at the public sector workers who refuse to make necessary changes. It is he says, like a restaurant that earns $1million per year but spends $10million to stay open. According to Vasilis too many of today’s generation are lazy, corrupt. They like to sit in the sun and drink ouzo instead of working, and they want the state to pay for them whilst they enjoy that particular lifestyle.

Last week, when more than 30,000 protesters took to the streets again, including a small violent hardcore group of black-hooded anarchists, the Greek government met to consider austerity measures that are designed to get Greece’s debt under control. The riot police was deployed in the capital when shops and banks were attacked and Molotov cocktails were thrown… which left 3 bank workers dead, including a pregnant woman.

The Greek crisis has the potential to ignite a fresh global crisis as the eurozone leaders fear if Greece goes bankrupt then other nations will follow.  It is also a warning to the U.K. that it too must deal with the huge budget deficit caused by the ever-burgeoning welfare state.

The lazy Greek people need to realize that if things are not brought under control and the government is bankrupted then:

  • pensions will not be paid – oh boo hoo for those lazy women who are collecting the pensions of their dead parents.
  • public sector salaries will not be paid – no more bonuses for turning up to work on time;
  • money for schools and hospitals will not be available – I guess the parents will just have to cough up fees to send their children to school like other parents all over the world.

Greece faces the following necessary measures:

  • the budget deficit must be cut from 13.6% of GDP to less than 3% by 2014
  • I:5 public sector jobs to be axed
  • pensions cut by 10%
  • Christmas bonuses paid to pensioners and workers by the govt to be scrapped.
  • taxes will rise
  • unemployment is expected to rise from 11% to 14%
  • VAT has risen from 19% to 21% and in July will increase to 23%
  • tax on alcohol will increase from 19% to 30%
  • tax on cigarettes will increase from $2.50 to $3.66
  • there has been an increase in the CPI of 20% since Greece joined the euro

Despite the fact that Greece is one massive welfare state where the people really need to get their butts working, they are not even prepared to look at their own shortcomings but instead are prepared to blame everyone else, especially Germany, and especially because the memories of former wars continue to run deep. The Greeks think that Germany is the betrayer in this current situation and they are simply not prepared to take responsibility for their own moribund welfare state. Their own laziness is at the very heart of their economic mess, but they really are too stupid to see that they alone are responsible and that they must wise up and accept the pain now rather than waiting until the government is totally bankrupt.

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  2. french reader said, on May 12, 2010 at 3:39 pm

    It surprises me to notice that i do not see any comment concerning the amount of GDP that greece needs for maintaining the military, because of Cyprus. In short and direct words, Greece spends alot of money to keep Turkey from invading ….

    • ozzieaussie said, on May 13, 2010 at 11:41 am

      You are correct about the fact that Greece has to maintain a strong military because of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. The issue never goes away.

      More to the point though, is why have other European nations not told Turkey to buzz off? Cyprus has always belonged to Greece, and not Turkey.

      Just one other point, and I do not know if this has changed over the years, but I thought that all men over a certain age had to join the military for a period of time…. as in a national service. This gets no mention at all.. yet I knew that Australian Greeks were afraid of going to Greece if they were of that eligible age for fear of being called up.

      • French reader said, on May 13, 2010 at 5:33 pm

        European countries are miserable cowards. For years, we have been afraid, out of pc, to stand against the expansionism of islam. As a result, Turkey got its free way in Cyprus, destroying churches and forcing the greeks to retreat.
        Why do we, as europeans, submit ? Who is pushing, by all means, acceptance of Turkey in the european community ? I have mentioned it so often, the various american (democrat and republican) governments, as far as i can remember, have pushed (with the UK) for the admission of Turkey in Europe. Why ? Why burden Europe, already in such a bad shape ? Turkey does not belong in Europe. More and more europeans are waking up and strongly against admitting 80 millions muslims in europe. I read you mentioning how different are muslims you have been able to meet as individuals. Notwithstanding, islam has destroyed any civilization it has come in contact with. Just have a look at history and Europe ….
        As for the military service, which is still compulsory, i have read that the period have been shortened to 9 months.
        I like to read your blog, am interested in politics/economy/history and as the mother of young women, i am really worried about what is happening to our world.
        If you are interested in reading a french blog, i would advise “rebelles.info”. It does rebel against the political correctness attitude that is drowning us.

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