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Oil Spill Gulf of Mexico – the LSM is complicit in its silence.

Posted in Cap and Tax, Gulf of Mexico oil spill, USA by Aussie on July 4, 2010

MSM Wall Protecting Obama Gulf Oil Spill Response Cracks With Latest AP Report | NewsBusters.org

What to do? Where should I post about what has become a very serious crisis situation in the USA, yet one that is being ignored? I am choosing to post this on my blog regarding a world in economic crisis because the long term consequences of this oil spill and the lack of clean up have yet to be determined. I will outline why I see this as leading to an even greater crisis in the future.

I do not agree with the conspiracy theorists that the oil spill was the result of a terror attack. Probably the most ludicrous story that I have heard so far is the one implicating Cheney and his company – claiming that they set charges on board the rig and blew it up. Here is what I think happened, and yes my theory is conjecture too.

First of all I tie the incident to the Haitian earthquake which happened in January 2010. The reason that I believe that there is a possible link is that the Horizon rig first reported leaking in the well as far back as February. In fact the crew and BP notified the Government that there was a problem in February 2010. After this notification there was an attempt to shut down the well, and this is why a BP executive type of person was giving directions on shutting down the well. If I am correct and the earthquake was the catalyst for the initial leak, then it is more than likely that we have not heard the last of problems associated with this particular well.

Second, I see the attempting capping of the well and the clean-up as two separate functions. Certainly, the attempt to cap the well should be left in the hands of BP and the crew that they have brought in to achieve the task. This is now being done by a successor to Red Adair. However, the clean-up operation is the province of the Federal Government of the USA according to an act that was passed after the Exxon Valdez oil spill disaster. Unfortunately, what is all too apparent, is that the person who should be in charge of making sure that the clean up happens at a fast pace has been doing the following:

  • playing golf;
  • going on vacation;
  • having parties;
  • going to concerts and theatre;
  • looking for photo opportunities;
  • creating a crisis on the Arizona border with Mexico;
  • playing more rounds of golf;
  • fund raising and holding town hall meetings for loyal obots.

and the list goes on and on… very little time has been spent in co-ordinating a fruitful clean-up effort. Instead there have been impediments being placed in the way of the States that have been affected in such a disastrous way, and this includes stopping the operation of the skimmers to do a fire extinguisher and life-jacket survey, preventing the building of sand berms, not ensuring that an adequate number of skimmers are available, taking time to assess offers of help from international countries, refusing the waive the Jones act… and the list of the incompetence goes on and on. One of the most damning though, is the refusal to allow the Dutch skimmers because a very minute amount of oil would have been released back into the sea.

Third, the Obama regime has used the oil spill to put a moratorium on offshore oil drilling. What is little understood is that offshore oil drilling has been going on for a very long time in a lot of countries without such disastrous consequences. When oil rigs explode or have a problem it takes very little time to bring everything under control, and do very little damage to the environment. For example in November 2009 an oil rig exploded off the coast of Australia. The rig itself has been capped, and it seems that there is very little in the way of any spillage that has reached the shores of northern Australian beaches (if this is not the case, then the lack of information is the fault of the LSM). The 6 month moratorium will be disastrous for the Gulf States in the USA because it will bring the mining industry to its knees, and will affect thousands of workers at the same time. The owners of the rigs that are now idle, will not want them to remain that way, and this could see those rigs moving to the coast off Brazil or moving to Africa where they can be put to immediate use. This will mean even more suffering of economic consequences for the Gulf States.

Interestingly, what is escaping a lot of attention by the LSM is that the Obama regime has given more than $2billion to Petrobas of Brazil for the purpose of offshore drilling in waters that are deeper than the well that is leaking. Why? Well the answer to that question is: GEORGE SOROS. It seems that the billionaire backer of Barack Obama has a very big monetary interest in Petrobas. As soon as the moratorium was announced for the offshore leases Petrobas attempted to try and hire the rigs that are now lying idle. Is it a coincidence? I do not think so.

Fourth, the Obama regime sees this as an opportunity to push through the unnecessary Cap and Tax legislation. The end result of this “energy” bill is that all energy prices will rise substantially. As a result of such increases in the price of gas, natural gas, electricity other prices will also rise and will include practically everything from clothing to food. The consequences are simply enormous because the petro-chemicals are the basis of so many products, especially clothing items made out of synthetic materials such as nylon, as well as hair shampoo etc. etc.

It should be obvious to the astute observer that the plan of the Obama regime is to allow the oil slick in the Gulf States to get as bad as possible as a means to point the finger at the oil industry and then to attempt to shut the industry down. If this happens then the USA will become dependent upon foreign oil. Who would be the beneficiary? Brazil? Iran? Venezuela? Who knows? However, one beneficiary will be the billionaire George Soros. 

One of the more disgraceful aspects of the situation is the way in which the Obama regime has been attempting to shut out the press, and the one reporter that has taken a stand about the situation is Anderson Cooper from CNN. Even Newsbusters has remarked upon the stand that is being taken by Cooper during this oil spill crisis. The lack of effort, and the bungling of the clean up operation should be big news, but most outlets remain silent.

I do not know for certain what the long term impact of this whole disaster will be, but I do know that if the Obama regime is successful in shuttting down the oil industry in the Gulf states and elsewhere then the USA will be most likely in a free fall, and  economic recovery will be very hard and slow. The country is already suffering from high unemployment and high hidden inflation. The future impact upon the world is at this point unknown.

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  1. World Wide News Flash said, on July 4, 2010 at 7:12 pm

    Oil Spill Gulf of Mexico ? the LSM is complicit in its silence….

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. Avogadra said, on July 7, 2010 at 12:50 am

    Excellent observations, Aussie. (I know you from the Hillbuzz blog and came here thanks to a link.) It seems that you can see things more clearly from across the ocean than we can see them up close.

    • ozzieaussie said, on July 10, 2010 at 1:27 pm

      thank you for coming and having a look at my site. My purpose here is to focus on a world wide situation that has similarities to the 1970s, when we first had stagflation.

      As a result I am looking for the reasons why we had stagflation in the first place, and then looking at the repeat of those same mistakes.

      So far that repeat is increased and out of control government spending. This is certainly the case in Australia, the UK, the USA and in Europe.

  3. Lisa G in NZ said, on July 7, 2010 at 1:16 pm

    Really good post Aussy lady 🙂 I’m a Chicagoan living in Auckland. I see you posting on HillBuzz. You might find this link interesting about BP spill ‘myths & hoaxes’. Betcha the lefties in WH want all the focus on this spill as long as they can to push ‘crap & tax’ … oh, and to get the focus off the Chicago Blago trial where there might just be enuff information to impeach BHO! (hmmm!)…


    Lisa G in NZ

  4. ozzieaussie said, on July 10, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    Hi LisaG, I see your name on more than a few sites :). Since you are in New Zealand, one day we might end up meeting!!!

    You have a point about the WH regime wanting to get focus off the Blago trial. A good source for following the trial is Citizen Wells, and yes I do have problems with some of the people who comment on that blog. Another good source is the Post and Email 🙂

    Getting reliable information about what is happening in the Gulf is proving very hard. My focus here is on the economic consequences. I believe that there will be a lot of ramifications if the WH regime gets its way on crap n tax… and the same goes for Julia-the-Red Gillard who does in fact want to push the same kind of pernicious tax and legislation upon the Australian public.

    Another possible consequence of crap n tax that has not been considered is the effect upon tourism, especially overseas visitors. If this legislation succeeds, and when utility bills begin to rise, then another consequence will be an exponential rise in the cost of motel/hotel accommodation for overseas and domestic tourists. The longer term impact will be that many who want to tour the USA or Australia for that matter, are going to think twice about where they will go (if they can afford the air fare in the first place) and the type of accommodation. The more expensive the hotel, the more likely there will be vacancies because people will not be able to afford the new accommodation rates.. or they will not be able to afford to travel in the first place!!

    I guess what I am saying is that crap n tax is going to have the unintended consequence of hitting the tourist industry very hard because of all of the increases in utilities and other costs that the tourists will have to pay in the future.

  5. Susan in CA said, on July 14, 2010 at 6:44 am

    This is a very good, well-written & informative article. Thank you for speaking the truth! Please keep up the good work!

    Here in the United States we are relentlessly being attacked with propaganda. The propaganda is non-stop, and it is increasing. the U.S. Government never, ever tells the truth. The lies are pervasive throughout all government arenas.

    For many years I have studied Obama,& those that pull Obama’s strings – those that are part of the U.S. parallel or shadow government. This would include the illustrious, global criminal, billionaire George Soros. Because of this, I can emphatically state that the United States’ government should not be trusted (EVER), and that nothing is as it appears to be.

    Much trickery has been perpetuated upon the American people. Trickery & lies have been used to force unwanted, dangerous bills down our throats. And, the trickery continues, unabated. This applies to the Gulf oil spill in its entirety, including the government’s claims regarding: the spraying of the dangerous, highly-toxic dispersant, Corexit; the government’s false statements regarding Corexit toxicity; the government’s preventing the media, citizens and scientists from asking questions of the small numbers of clean-up workers and also preventing them from accessing the oil spill area; the prevention of outside, expert assistance of any kind; and, amongst other things, the government mandated, ongoing “no-fly zone” over the oil spill & surrounding area. Oddly – this U.S. government that flaunts its “environmental” leanings – remains distracted and grossly unconcerned over this massive environmental catastrophe, including all attending loss of life. We now know that U.S. government remained silent when BP Oil first reported a leak back in February, 2010. Ask yourselves if those eleven people would have DIED if the Obama regime had not colluded to remain silent.

    Moving on. Of course the Obama regime also failed to mention its complicity in the oil spill vis-a-vis Obama’s “secret” $2 Billion (taxpayer) investment in Petrobas, the “trickery” and deceit behind Obama’s oil drilling “AstroTurf” moratorium,and the resulting flow of benefits to billionaire, George Soros.

    The Obama regime did not ask the taxpayers for use of that money; he simply took it, without a mention. Indeed, why is it that Soros, instead of taxpayers, should reap the benefits? Is it because it was Soros, not taxpayers, that had the insider knowledge due to planned, constructed events? Under this scenario, the crimes committed are simply beyond mind-boggling.

    So, we can conclude that the Obama regime is using the power of the federal government (i.e., the American citizens & “taxpayers”) to directly benefit corporations and the rich. Nice.

    Furthermore, and with no say in the matter, we Americans are effectively being used to perpetuate harm against ourselves.

    PROPAGANDA allows the government to commit the aforementioned without our knowledge. With regard to the TRUTH vs. PROPAGANDA: About 50% of those living in the U.S. are unaware that they are under a constant and pervasive propaganda attack. This is because the mainstream media does not report on (or even mention) the issues of concern. Only Fox News reports some (but not all) of the facts. Many find the truth hard to believe when only Fox News reports some (but not all) of the facts, while the the MSM “lies by omission” or conspires in silence.

    And, instead of reporting on the issues, the MSM further erodes the truth when it colludes & then participates with the government in orchestrated attacks against those who do speak out to expose the true facts. The MSM derides those speaking the truth by relentlessly referring to them as “conspiracy theorists,” amongst other disparaging names. In this way the MSM intentionally undermines the true facts when it resorts to silence, name-calling, and other passive-aggressive “attacks.”

    It goes without saying that it is NOT the job of the media to collude with the government against the interests of the American people. Unless, of course, the media is paid by the U.S. government, and therefore “state-run.” In that case, they should drop their masks, “‘fess up,” and be done with it. Their followers are rapidly diminishing anyway.

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