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Will a woman head the IMF?

Posted in Uncategorized by Aussie on May 20, 2011

The politics of choosing the next head of the IMF is in full swing. Whilst some believe that the role should go to someone in an emerging economy such as China, I am doubtful that this is such a good idea at this point in time. Some names that have been thrown around include the French Finance minister Christine Lagarde, Gordon Brown and a few other not so well known names.

Whilst I consider Gordon Brown to be a very bad choice for the role (he totally stuffed the economy in the UK), I do like some of what I read about Christine Lagarde, but there are other things that I do no like. However, it looks like Christine Lagarde is a leading contender amongst the European nations in the IMF.

You can find some information about her in Wikpedia. The entry looks like it has only been recently added, so no doubt it will be subject to change.

This is an opportunity to see a woman break through the glass ceiling. Is she the right person for the role? Is she tough enough to insist that Greece is brought to heel and made to make necessary reforms to their rather ridiculous welfare system. The IMF need to be tough with Greece, and not extend any further loans.


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