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Christine Lagarde remains front runner for IMF post

Posted in Uncategorized by Aussie on May 27, 2011

Yesterday I read a report that indicated that the Australian government i.e. the Goose and KRUDD, wanted to put forward two Australian names for the role of IMF chief. When I saw those names, I had to clean up my monitor. Honestly, Paul Keating does not have the necessary qualifications for that particular job. It is so absolutely absurd that anyone would consider someone who dropped out of school at grade 8 or form 2 level for that kind of post.  As for Peter Costello, I do not consider him to have the necessary background for the job. It was the name of Keating that made me sputter everywhere, it was so absurd to even put that name forward.

However, in the real world, the French Finance minister is gaining a lot of traction and support for the role. Hillary Clinton stopped short of giving her endorsement since the USA has not announced a postion as yet, but all the same I agree with Hillary that a woman in the role would be welcome.


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