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Another possible contender for the IMF post

Posted in Uncategorized by Aussie on June 5, 2011

Rather than relying upon Christine Lagarde, who is after all, a lawyer and not an economist, or even suggesting someone as unschooled as Paul Keating from Australia, who does not have a degree of any sort, there is another name that is well worth consideration. In fact this man has all of the necessary qualifications and the necessary background to run the IMF. His name is Stanley Fischer.

Professor Charles Rowley, who runs his own blog has given reasons for disregarding Christine Lagarde, and he has suggested Stanley Fischer as a most suitably qualified individual. Stanley Fischer’s pupils included Ben Bernanke, Professor Greg Mankiw, and Professor Kenneth Rogoff.

However, the UK Guardian reports that so far the developing countries have not been able to get their act together to suggest a candidate. It also reports that the Mexican who has put his name forward is seen as one who is not suitable for the role, which still leaves Christine Lagarde as the front runner, despite her deficiencies for the role.


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