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If Juliar ran Trade Tools

Posted in Australia by Aussie on July 13, 2011

This company gets it!!  The Brisbane Sunday Mail ran an advert from the company Trade Tools. It is one of the best and funniest ads that I have seen in a very long time. Considering the serious blunder of the announced carbon tax (taxing the air that we breathe), Trade Tools has come up with an advert that highlights the very incompetence of those who continue to push the lie of Socialism and Communism. I am not going to beat about the bush. Julia Gillard is a Marxist. Her ideology has not changed. She is one of the many who have used the ALP as a means of gaining power in order to push the Communist agenda. It had been tried in the past and it always failed. Just ask Doc Evatt about his Communist ideology and the split that it caused to the ALP during the 1950s that led to the birth of the DLP.

Without repeating the contents of the ad I am not sure that I can do justice to the delcious comments and scenarios. I will try to give a synopis of each point without their elaboration. I honestly suggest reading it for yourself. Some of you might prefer to substitute the name from Julia Gillard and use B Østupid instead. You will get the same idea.

If Julia Gillard took over Trade Tools you would get:

1. More staff with rostered days off and a 9 day fortnight.

2.The increase in staff will lead to Julia increasing the price of the tools.

3. She would respond to someone killing his dog with a jigsaw by banning the sale of the jigsaw. (the logic in this one is a beauty). This would lead to the use of alternative more dangerous equipment and a glut of jigsaws.

4. would increase the price of tools to the mining industry. This would lead to the mining industry sourcing their tools elsewhere.

5. Because she despises the electric companies she would make an alliance with a flaky inventor to come up with solar powered tools (that will not work at night or in a dark area like in a workshop). These tools will cost double that of the tools that use electricity.

6. Julia would promise not to introduce price increases prior to stabbing the former CEO in the back, and then upon becoming CEO decide to increase prices anyway.

7. She would enforce an equal employment policy, complete with creche.

8. She would ban the word “shoplifter” in favour of the word “forgetful customer.

9. Spend much of the week attending worker health and safety classes.

10. She would source the most expensive builders to help build a shed in the car park of Trade Tools for use as a classroom for all those worker health and safety courses.

11. Insist upon the wearing of hard hats in the lunch room.

12. She would find it acceptable to find Trade Tools running at a loss, and be supremely optimistic in predicting a return to profit in two years time.

Please read the whole thing. The points being made are absolutely spot on and it is a great analysis of what is wrong with the current joke of a government that is run by Juliar-the Marxist – Dullard.






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  1. Les said, on July 13, 2011 at 6:47 pm

    Spot On

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