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The big stink in Australian politics

Posted in Uncategorized by Aussie on August 29, 2012

Australia is stuck with a government that is incompetent and I should add that it is full of cronyism and incompetents… did I just say incompetent?  Maybe I should repeat that word one more time…. incompetent. There is raging in Australia at the present time the story that is at least 17 years old relating to the activities of the present Prime Minister. On my other blog I had a little bit to say about the fact that the woman has a bad habit of opening her legs for married men (it says a lot about her lack of integrity and character) and the fact that she has been a willing participant in what was fraudulent activity. It is no wonder that she expreseed her faith in yet another union con-man, Craig Thomson who is at the moment the MP for my new electorate. She did that because she has no problem with the creation of a union slush fund for political purposes.

The events that took place up to 20 years ago are indeed a reflection upon the lack of integrity of the present Prime Minister. I have seen documents that prove that she had a hand in the deception. Since this woman stole the leadership role, Australia has been going backwards at a very rapid pace – probably even more rapid than in the USA with that usurper in the White House. The incompetence on display is the level at which taxpayer funds are being wasted. However, there is even bigger evidence of why this is such a big stink.

First there is Fair Work Australia, which has replaced the Industrial Relations Commission. The Dullard is responsible for the legislation that has set up this paper tiger which is really on there to hand everything to unions on a silver platter. We are now starting to reap the whirlwind with regards to how this has been set up. FWA is staffed by union cronies. If the government wants to stifle an investigation, such as the one into the HSU East which is protecting the political career of Craig Thomson then it will do everything in its incompetent power to protect a crook. Hence, the KPMG report criticized the fact that FWA was ill-equipped to handle the investigation, but that report did not exhonerate Thomson as that sap claims!!  It is actions within the last few days that are really showing that the FWA has absolutely no authority where these unions are concerned, and Australia is rapidly descending back to the days when unions employed all of their bully boy tactics with gay abandon – especially in the 1960s and 1970s.

Second, there is the implementation of the tax on the air that we breathe, and the continual spending of monies that have not even been collected. Australia is very rapidly descending further and further into the red because there is no accountability for the decision-making of this present government.

Third, there is the illegal alien debacle. I refuse to call these people refugees. There are refugees in camps in Africa but the people coming by boat are from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and a few from Syria. I am most suspicious about the ones allegedly from Syria because most of the refugees are in camps on the Syrian borders with Turkey and Jordan. If they want to leave and come to Australia they do not need to get on boats to come!!  I am also suspicious about those from Iran and Iraq. It is true that there is religious conflict in Iraq – it is Sunni vs. Shia, but Iraq at least has a government that was voted in by the people. I am suspcious of those Iranians. How do we know that they are genuine refugees and not just agents of the government? The African refugees come to Australia by plane, and it is these illegal boat aliens who are displacing them in the queue.  At the moment the boat arrivals are something like 5 in a matter of days, and the numbers are steadily rising on a daily basis. If they have no documents they should be refused entry into Australia. This sounds harsh but harsh measures are needed to stop the flow of these illegal aliens and the risks being taken in leaky boats.

Fourth there is the white elephant, the NBN network. The question remains: is this a necessary undertaking? However, more to the point, Conroy who was put in charge did not respect the need for a duty of care and he did not even do a feasibility study prior to embarking upon this lunacy. The cost is already blowing out, and it is a cost that is being hidden off-budget. Then again these union hacks have a history of keeping things out of balance sheets.

The fact remains that when you have union hacks running the government there seems to be a total lack of responsibility for good governance. The same kind of irresponsible spending that we saw in the Whitlam years has been occurring at an even more rapid pace. These people do not have any type of business nous. They love to enrich themselves at the expense of others. When they were the union bosses they enriched themselves by using members’ funds for their own purposes. In government they waste money left, right and centre.


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