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A look at the Occubagger movement

Posted in Occubaggers by Aussie on November 7, 2011

The Occubagger movement has spread throughout the world. These anarchist left-wing communist, watermelon individuals are to be found in lots of cities around the world, and the USA has more than its fair share of violence associated with the movement. There are plenty of blogs dealing with the filthy things that these individuals have been doing and there is no need to repeat the disgusting habits of occubaggers.

Instead, I want to look at some other aspects of the movement, including some of their motivations, as well as in the way that they have been hijacking the Scriptures to try and give themselves legitimacy. Specifically, I want to look at the nonsense being claimed by members of the hierarchy of the Church of England in London, but they most definitely have lost the plot.

First of all, I want to explode any myth about “my brother’s keeper”. Since I am a person who is Bible literate, I can say with some certainty that I know of no Scripture passage that states that anyone must be “my brother’s keeper”. The only time that this phrase is used is in Genesis, after Cain has murdered Abel, and is challenged by God. It is Cain who exclaims: “Am I my brother’s keeper”. The Beattitudes that are found in Matthew’s Gospel do not expound upon the theme of being “my brother’s keeper”. This is mythology from the left wing of politics. It is an attempt to hijack the Scripture and to dish up what is not written for those who are quite frankly, illiterate.

Second, Jesus did not condemn the use of money as some who are trying to bring down capitalism are claiming. On the contrary, Jesus was railing against the “love of money” which is simply not the same thing. Jesus spoke of choosing between God and mammon (money and wealth) but it must be remembered that Jesus had some very wealthy benefactors who helped him during his three year public ministry.

Third, much of what is written in the Scripture is about individual responsibility. Isaiah for instance spoke out against  those who neglected the widows and orphans. It has to be remembered that in those ancient Biblical times, there was a family hierarchy and it was the responsibility of the family to care for family members who were less well off; the fact is that nothing changes in the human condition except of course that families have tried to shift their responsibility to government, or putting it another government has taken over the role of “charity” for the widows and orphans. The problem is that government has not performed well in such a role.

Fourth, let me talk for a moment about ENVY. Yes, it is quite a nasty word, but the truth is that the Occubagger movement is one that is based upon envy, rather than any true altruistic notions of doing what is right for all people. The underlying themes of the movement is Selfishness, Greed, Sloth, and a whole lot more. It is true, that ENVY, not some sense of charity has been the motivation behind the movement. This is despite the fact that there are good reasons to be uptight about some of the bonuses etc. received by CEOs of various companies. There is that illusion of rich vs. poor, and the agitators try to make out like the “rich” are getting richer at the expense of the poor.

This last point is one that can have merit depending upon how we interpret these matters. Take for example the situation at QANTAS airlines in Australia. Last weekend the CEO announced that he was locking out staff and he grounded the fleet. The travelling public were extremely inconvenienced. The CEO, an arrogant Irishman by the name of Alan Joyce, had just received a 71% increase in his salary package. Since he has been CEO of QANTAS several thousand employees have been tapped on the shoulder and have been made redundant. No one has been saved from the horrible policy that was implemented after this particular weasel took up the job of CEO. The man who was overlooked though, is  laughing because Virgin Airlines now have the advantage with the travelling public (and he maintains a good relationship with airline staff). The facts here are that the contracts for union employees are up for negotiation. The unions decided to “screw” QANTAS or at least that is what we are being told. There are several issues to be resolved including the fact that Joyce, this Irish upstart, wants to establish QANTAS in Asia and take the airline offshore – he cannot do that. What is not being told by some members of the press is that the amount of disruption due to the “negotiations” had been quite minimal when the lockout was pulled, but the Irish weasel insists that QANTAS had no other choice. It is BS. The fact remains that QANTAS management has been refusing to negotiate with the unions. The issue of stability is a very real one. What looks bad, however, is that Joyce is doing a song and dance about what the unions wanted, yet he asks for and receives a 71% increase in his salary package which is at the expense of QANTAS employees. This type of story in fact bolsters the arguments of the Occubaggers, and yes there is some GREED involved.

However, can one judge the actions of individuals and then blame everyone? In the UK the CofE has decided to take on the bankers, calling them greedy. However, if people are not paying their mortgage payments on time, then they have  to bear the consequences. They, after all took out those mortgages in order to purchase their homes.

None of this accounts for the present crisis in Europe, let alone address what could be a new round of businesses in the banking sector going broke. (Think Jon Corzine). What we are seeing is the fallout from what Greece did several years ago, with the help of Goldman Sachs. People take risks, and Jon Corzine took unnecessary risks. There are others just like him who took risks and they lost… big time. It does not mean that they are greedy. With regard to Corzine, though I see him being found guilty of various crimes and ending up in prison. His risks did not pay off, but he had a duty of care with regard to client money and he breached that duty.  Bank of America is not evil, neither are any of the banks. The troubles stem from having to give loans to people who were never able to pay them back.

Greed and Envy, these are the things that are causing the most angst in our society today. The Occubaggers, as well as emitting large doses of noxious gas, really do have a problem when it comes to envy. The bankers and other professionals have a problem with greed.


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